Pic of Li Sa

I enjoy reading self-motivational book, love food, enjoy travelling, like baking and also beading. What makes me utterly sync with happiness is the beautiful Mother Nature. Therefore, I also enjoy gardening and seeing the magical growth.


My name is Li Sa. I’m a wife and a mother. Since I was a teenager, I have been having challenges with my precious teeth. I am very afraid of having toothache because the pain could be felt within the gum, the cheek and, man, did I feel the pain in my head? Gosh…


What we used to know before was dragging our feet to the dentists. Always and every time, I will procrastinate to go since I am terrified of the drilling tool sound and the pain caused by the machine when it is taking its toll on my tooth. After that, even burning a hole in my pocket…be it shallow or deep. I secretly made a vow to myself, until and unless my tooth got so rotten that it calls for mayday, I will not want to step a foot into dental clinic!


Then, when having my own family, from time-to-time, either I find facing the bad breath of my hubby a challenge. Or, the tremendous discomfort when his bad breath carries on for few days, and the worst is sitting at the passenger side of the front car seat could even smell the bad breath once his mouth is opened at the driver’s side. Gulp! Requested him to drink more water or even take some menthol sweets don’t seem to solve the problem. He, too, hates to go to dental clinic. So, it sets me a journey to find solutions without dentist…the most viable methods would be home remedies. Natural home remedies are definitely the answer for my family’s dental care especially for the fact that I have a young kid, and I wouldn’t want to feed her with all the dental chemicals out there so unnecessarily.


Voila! The creation of Dental Home Remedies, which is geared up to reach for efficient and effective 100% natural dental home remedies. So, if you are suffering or want to avoid total embarrassment or just want to protect your loved ones, join me and take action, then you could be in control and bid farewell to dental problems for good.