Asthma Inhalers Damage Teeth

Asthma inhalers damage teeth, especially children teeth. British researchers have found that children with asthma who take their asthma medication in powdered form instead of aerosol form are facing teeth erosion risks.

Asthma inhalers damage teeth, Children Teeth Erosion

Asthma is typically an inflammatory of the upper airways. It can cause coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing. Coughing is one of the hidden symptoms, but it is often overlooked. Hence, should you suffer from unexplained bouts of coughing; you should get yourself checked for asthma.

Asthma inhalers damage teeth

Teeth enamel will start to dissolve at a pH of 5.5. Since the powdered asthma medications are more acidic than aerosol versions, children who take powdered form asthma medication will encounter teeth erosion.

Therefore, should any children uses inhalers for asthma, it is truly advisable to rinse their mouth well in order to avoid their teeth enamel from eroding away. Eroded teeth are invitations to cavities.

It is also advisable to check out the pH of the asthma drug use since asthma inhalers damage teeth. Anything below 5.5 will be a problem.

So, instead of just relying on medications, why not encourage your child to practice the following strategies to effectively and safely treat your child’s asthma?


Effective and Safe Natural Treatment to Asthma

Optimize vitamin D levels

Get enough of sun light so that your body could produce optimal levels of vitamin D. The sign of appropriate amount of sun light is when your skin turns to the very lightest shade of pink. Once that level has achieved, your body will naturally not overdosing your body with more vitamin D. Therefore, after that point, you are just going to damage your skin.

Asthma inhalers damage teeth, Children Teeth Erosion, Optimize vitamin D levels, Sun light


Drink raw milk

Researcher with Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, found out that children who drank raw cow’s milk had a 30% lower risk of respiratory infections. However, when the milk was boiled at the farm, the protective effect diminished. And, when the milk was ultra-pasteurized (heated to 275 degrees Fahrenheit / 135 degrees Celsius) for a few seconds, the pasteurized milk showed no protective effect. Most likely, this is because the protective compounds are being destroyed by the heat processing.

Asthma inhalers damage teeth, Children Teeth Erosion, Drink Raw Milk, Cow's Milk


Increase animal-based omega 3 fats

Even though, omega 3 fats is available from plant such as flax seed and hemp seed, however, most of us do not possess the metabolic machinery to rapidly convert the ALA in these plants to the higher order fats EPA and DHA. DHA and EPA are potent anti-inflammatories.

Animal-based omega 3 fats are usually found in fish oil. However, krill oil has shown to be a better source of omega 3 fats for most people.


Exercise regularly

Regularly exercise is crucial to moderate the insulin levels. Exercise could increase the insulin receptor sensitivity. Therefore, the body produces less insulin, which tends to optimize it. For asthmatics, it is advisable to exercise out in the open where fresh air would do you good.

Research has shown that asthmatics who exercise tend to show improvement in maximum ventilation, maximum heart rate, maximum oxygen uptake, and work capacity.

Asthma inhalers damage teeth, Children Teeth Erosion, Exercise, Outdoor

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