How to Prevent Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion, which is also known as dissolving of tooth. It is a type of damage to tooth due to acidic beverages or foods.

Most likely, you have read about soda drinks could erode your teeth. So, are you categorizing that only carbonated drinks could dissolve your teeth? Yes, carbonated drinks can erode your teeth, and that includes sports drinks, which contains high levels of acidity to expand the shelf lives of the drinks.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks have the ability to change the pH in your mouth, and thus, weaken the hard protective layer of your tooth – tooth enamel. Once the enamel has been weaken, it will slowly dissolve. Should you continue and reluctant to change your drinking habit, you will eventually pay with your tooth enamel, and easily your dentine too. Leaving the pulp of your tooth exposed will cause your eroded tooth to be very sensitive.

Tooth erosion, dissolving of teeth, soda drinks, carbonated drinks

Fruit juices

So, you do away with your love for carbonated drinks, including sports drinks. Good for you. But then, you opt for the more innocent beverages – fruit juices. First of all, against the common believe, drinking fruit juices is not even close to eating the fruits fresh. As a matter-of-fact, even 100% fruit juices have the ability to raise insulin levels as effective as other sugary drinks. So, what does this implies you? You might want to consider vegetable juices instead of fruit juices.

Tooth erosion, dissolving of teeth, fruit juices, 100% fruit juice

However, should you replace water with juices? As much as I don’t like it, I still need to be a killjoy and telling you straight, no. Water, besides having the ability to help you to “flush out” waste in your body, it will keep you hydrated. Like an icing on a cake, water will not damage your teeth. Therefore, water will not cause tooth erosion.

More juices causing tooth erosion

A study has been carried out to evaluate several common beverages’ ability to cause tooth erosion. No doubt, soda as well as orange juice caused significant damage to tooth enamel, whereas, tea has shown the smallest amount of damage. Lemon juice, grapefruit juice and vinegar showed the greatest ability to cause tooth erosion. Clearly, water was the winner because it shows no damage to tooth enamel.

Tooth erosion, dissolving of teeth, lemon juice, fruit juices

Tooth erosion not only caused by acidic beverages, but also foods. Should you have the habit of munching and munching, you are not allowing time for your tooth enamel to be hardened again after it has been weaken by foods and/or beverages.

Once you have completed your proper meals, swish your mouth with water, and hydrate yourself with water throughout the day. Be well, stay well, and smile happily 😀

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