1 Way to Stop Toothache Immediately

Are you having tooth pain right now? Want to stop the toothache immediately?

Are you experiencing throbbing tooth pain, bad toothache or severe tooth pain?

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Did you take over-the-counter pain killer? It reduced or dulled the throbbing a bit, right? But, it does not really kill the pain. So, should you decide to consume whenever you feel the pain, just don’t eat them like candy thinking that more is better because it will make you sick, and some people will even have stomach pumped.

Word of cautious, don’t think about taking antibiotic because they don’t work. Antibiotic cannot reach the inside of the tooth. And the side effect, you will reduce their effectiveness when you really need it.

Might Work: Clove Oil

With the congested online information, most of the time, you will be recommended Clove Oil. Clove Oil is a very popular home remedy for toothache though it does not really work well for severe toothache. Its function is similar like over-the-counter painkiller.

Might Work: Baking Soda

Another so-called recommended home remedies for toothache is gurgling with baking soda. It works at times but not all the time. And, even if it does, the teeth pain will return in a little while. As a matter-of-fact, the worst drawback is that repetition of usage will reduce the function significantly.

Might Work: Chilli

Capsaicin is another toothache remedies. Capsaicin is a chemical found in chilli pepper. So, how to stop a toothache by using chilli? Cut up the chilli and rub on the infected tooth. This toothache remedy may or may not work, but first and foremost, please ensure that you could handle the chilli burn.

Works: Tobacco

A toothache home remedy that works like a gem to kill the soar tooth fast is tobacco. Open a cigarette and put some inside your mouth and moisture with your saliva until you taste the menthol, then, add a little warm water to swish it around your soar tooth for 30 seconds and then spit it out. Different cigarette brands provide different effects though.

However, all these ‘how to stop tooth pain’ remedies work like a bandage. It will last only few hours or the best is few days only, and the toothache will return to haunt. So, you have to fire fight all the time to treat the pain until and unless you aim straight to the root cause of the teeth problems and kill it.

You see, the root cause of the problem is not the pain. Yes, I understand that the pain is what you are suffering from, but the cause of your pain is the Bacterial Infection. Toothache is usually caused by the pulp (soft tissue in the tooth) becomes extremely infected. Bacterial infection is usually near the nerve agitating it.

Infected Pulp - 150930

So, what you really need and want to do now is learn more on dental home remedies using 100% natural chemical free ingredients to save thousands from dental bills and yet easily stop the pain and get rid of infection immediately to solve your dental problems.

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